Web design is Step 2. It’s the handshake and “Hi, there.” It’s getting a little closer. A little more intimate. It might even be someone’s first real interaction with your brand. In this day and age, though, many times it’s the second or third time someone has come into contact with an owned media platform, since the first was likely instagram or Facebook. By the time they get to your website, they’re looking to see if you’re someone they want to know or do business with. Let’s make sure the answer to that question is YES.


In our discovery meeting, we talk project details, defining your target audience, competitors, and goals for the design. We’ll also talk about the content of your site and establish the site architecture.


Taking content and insights from the discovery phase, the design process begins. I’ll present concepts to provide feedback on for revisions. Clear communication & timely feedback help keep things moving.


Once the core designs are determined, development of the site begins. You’ll be kept informed of all progress and see the project as it comes together.


I’ll help you transition from your old site to your new or launch your entirely new project. If you need help with back-ups or updates to ensure your WordPress site keeps running smoothly & securely, I offer maintenance packages.

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I’ll work with you to come up with a multitude of fresh ideas for your website that will help achieve your goals.

Wordpress Skills

I’m armed with knowledge of how to build custom solutions of all kinds, e-commerce options and much more.



I pay close attention to my workload to make sure all deadlines are met. Your project will be delivered on time.

Attention to Detail

You spend a lot of time perfecting the details of your business. I do the same for your website.

Effective Solutions

I take the time to understand your needs so I can present an effective strategy to meet and exceed them.

SEO-Friendly Code

Heading tags, alt image tags and controllable metadata are just a few examples of how I write code that helps you get found.


I give you a login early on in the build so you can track the project. No need to wonder about status, you’ll see progress as it happens.


Doesn’t just apply to your website. Whether it’s by email or phone, I’m easy to reach.

Post-Launch Care

Maintenance packages are offered covering back-ups and updates to ensure your WordPress site keeps running smoothly & securely.

Haley is an amazing artist & business woman! She is smart, stylish, creative and crafty and she has put those things together to get amazing results in everything she does. Haley helped me put together an awesome website for my Real Estate business several years ago when I was starting out and recently when I was wanting a new look she was the first person I thought of to do the job! She wowed me again with what she came up with! I can’t say enough about Haley; she is professional, positive, fast, efficient, quick to respond, so helpful and she keeps up with someone as particular as me and all of my needs. I highly recommend Haley! You will love the results!!

– Tricia Root, Real Estate Agent, Tricia Root Properties


The more details provided, the quicker I can get a full proposal out to you.

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