I can’t remember a day I wasn’t designing.

When I was 6, it was my barbies’ house. I didn’t actually “play” barbies, I made their house.

With an entrepreneur for a father and the world’s most magical art teacher for a mother, I had the best of both worlds as I learned to both make my own crayons in the oven AND form a business plan for my handmade card business at 9.

I find that my entrepreneurial drive and spirit helps me serve my clients because I always put myself in their shoes. I advise the same strategies I use in my own business, I’m a teacher at heart, and I am passionate about seeing people, especially those who have taken the risk to do their own thing, succeed. 

I think this shines through on every level as I serve clients in executing their website and branding needs. I’m the luckiest girl in the world that I get to do something I love for work.