G52dUhpsfwvT1_JcdI7SxCbLw7gc7DleFmAkEcWCMqY RkBDR62iVx_Aw0leIiZwW1taIYzYG8oYq-RGVLF0Dvw pAbnGcEA-yu11YN0bhL2F6TYnOCF-J8HvUIl9yoS2hsI loved working with Freely Given to create a new brand and design collateral for their social good enterprise. Freely Given tells the story of a family in need and rallies the community around that family using uniquely and custom designed apparel to raise money for their cause. The mission is easy to get behind, and the vision for this brand was strong from the start. Because of the social nature of this enterprise, we developed multiple badges and logo versions for their use in t-shirt designs, web designs, collateral design, etc.

I love the look and feel of the logo that resulted.