As a service provider, when you’ve got a big contract on the line, traditional sales processes and systems may not cut it. 

Sure, you’ve built that sleek, automated marketing machine that helps you convert traffic into leads while you sleep, but what about when you get interest from a potentially lucrative client who deserves more than simply getting added to your list and your monthly email? 

I do this with customized landing pages and videos. 

It’s just too easy to do, and with the investment of 30 minutes to record a video, create the page and send a link, why not?!

Customized landing pages and sales collateral is a great way to set yourself apart, differentiate your brand and show the customer what it’s like working with you. 

They make a great first impression, show your attention to detail and level of concern for solving their problems and bringing them value at every turn. 

To do this, create a page on your website with a title like “Informational Video for CLIENT X”. Make sure the headline of the page says something like “Hello Client X and Team!” 

Then add 2-3 paragraphs about the video you recorded for the client, reminding them they can ask questions directly if they have any, and expressing your excitement in the opportunity to serve them. 

I record my videos using Zoom, which is free for a single user account. I upload to my website and embed in the page. You could also use YouTube and embed the code instead. 

I then send the link to the potential client and wait for a “Wow!” response… because very few people are doing this. 

It’s the little things like this that set you apart and send a big message to clients – especially ones who may be reviewing several firms or companies alongside you. 

Don’t you think a customized landing page with a video and text made just for them will make a good impression? Once you create one page, you can save it as a template and easily re-use it for future client proposals. 

You can also link any proposals you may have emailed them on that page, as well as any supporting documents they have requested. 

Don’t wait any longer to implement this unique and easy strategy into your closing process for clients!