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Branding & Logo Design

When working with a client, it’s important to me to provide them a WIDE range of logo concepts that touch on various key aspects they’ve expressed they’re looking for. Sometimes an entire concept is developed around a single word or idea they give me. For this project, Bill Lewis Training’s keywords were “simple”, “classic”, “educational and training oriented.”

Bill Lewis Training

Bill Lewis Training is a Kansas City-based PMP (Project Management Professional) course instructor who’s been teaching corporate and individual classes for quite a few years. His name is known amongst the circles of PMP education in Kansas City and beyond, but he wanted that to be reflected online. His site hadn’t been updated in some time and he came to us to switch from a Joomla site to WordPress. No problem!


Check it out!

Web Design

Bill Lewis Training came to us with a ton of content – pages and pages of text, documents, thoughts and ideas for the site. We took all that and created an organized hierarchy of information and helped Bill think through all the services he was offering and how they could be best-presented to site visitors, potential clients and current students.


eCommerce Development

Bill Lewis Training had a WEALTH of their own content they’d developed over the years for students who take their project management professional training courses. But they needed an updated look and an easy way to share this content with the world. They had never had an online repository and library of all the “Free stuff” their clients found so valuable, nor had they tried selling any of it.

We developed an eCommerce site for them that offered single and bundled products to monetize all the content the owner had developed after years of teaching PMP classes.