The day I stopped saying “yes.”

Business owners tend to be YES people. (I know I am.)
It’s one of their greatest strengths.

“Yes, I can run that ad.”
“Yes I’ll design a new email campaign.”
“Yes I’ll edit my website to improve conversions.”
“Yes I’ll try to keep up with Instagram.”

But we all know about strengths though, don’t we?
They have a dark side.
The dark side of yes is – NO.
All those Yes’s to the wrong things (for your time) amount to a big NO to something else that you’re actually good at. That thing the world NEEDS you to do more of! Your special gift or talent.

Well, today I’m sharing that I took a big step a while back.

I stopped saying yes.
I stopped saying yes to doing it all by myself, bootstrapping it by sheer force of will (and caffeine.)
And it has been the best decision EVER. I now have a team of people supporting my clients, instead of just me on an island.

And what has happened?  I’m getting more sleep. My work is better. I’m excited about my work! And my clients are reaping some big rewards.

Because I stopped saying Yes to doing it all myself, I now work with professional SEO pros, email marketing gurus, web developers, graphic designers and social media managers. And those people have brought this work that we do to a whole. other. level.

So today, I’m asking you — What should you stop saying YES to?
It’s the thing you’re bootstrapping. That’s draining you dry. That’s depleting your margins and extra resources. Where you should be saying “No, someone else can do that better than me.”

Here are some of the things that are probably on your mind:

  • Growing your email list
  • Creating an email magnet download or opt-in incentives for your website
  • Designing, sending and tracking results from your emails you send to clients
  • Editing or updating your website (or redesigning!)
  • Improving your search engine visibility
  • Posting regularly on social media

There’s freedom (and wisdom) in knowing what you need to say no to. Growing requires your strengths and energy being applied where it best serves your business, not where it stresses you out and is unsustainable.

Let us partner with you today to bring your vision (and business!) to life online, whatever that looks like for you.
We’d love to serve you by saying YES to our best thing so you can say YES to your best thing.

Say less YES to the wrong things

And more to the right ones