You’ve probably fallen prey to them. You’ve seen them hundreds, if not thousands of times, as you surf the inter webs. You’ve downloaded and consumed them, probably without even realizing it. What are they? ➡️Lead magnets.⬅️
Those documents, guides or lists that you get in exchange for your email that outline “5 ways to build your email list” or “3 ways to cook less but eat more” or perhaps “The Ultimate Guide to [INSERT SUBJECT MATTER HERE].” ?You’ve seen those, RIGHT? You probably see them in your FB and Insta feed every. single. day.

Why are they always so on point? So compelling? So tempting, and often effective, at getting you to give up your email address so willingly, in exchange for whatever the guide or list offers as incentive?
They are tools for growing your list! And they work.??They are majorly majorly smart because they provide your followers/audience instant value and teach them that you are a bringer of good things, not just sales or marketing messages.
They are an essential part of growing your email list, which is key to growing your business. Therefore, lead magnets = more business. Because if you’re writing and executing them well, they can set you up for a sustainable drip drip drip of new listening ears who have opted in for your content and WANT to hear what you have to say. ?

If this is a tool you have yet to implement in your business, I strongly encourage you to do so! And if you’re unsure of how to do that (i.e. – not a graphic designer or web marketer) reach out and we’d love to help you get one in place for your business!