–> Are you tired of logging into your WordPress website to discover that plugins and your WordPress version is out of date?

–> Do you feel a churning in your stomach before you click “update all”? Tired of just hoping everything stays functional?

–> Does logging into the back end of your site to check for available updates send spasms to your neck and fear into your fingertips? 

Many WordPress site owners don’t realize that their site actually needs ongoing maintenance after it is launched. WordPress keeps making upgrades and change and bug fixes to its framework, plugin developers have to keep up by doing the same, and thus, site maintenance becomes not just a good idea, but a necessity. 

The question is – are you giving your site the attention and care it requires? 

Here are 3 reasons you need to keep your site regularly updated and maintained: 

1. Site security
Hackers look for out of date sites and they are easier for them to break in and install malware on your domain. Once that happens, it is costly and painful to have your host remove it. They often charge hundreds of dollars as their techs have to go into every file and find where the malware has installed. The only way how to secure your WordPress site is to ensure regular updates.

2. Site reliability

WordPress updates are not only about the security, they’re also about the reliability of your website. Each update includes bug fixes necessary for smooth running of all the elements involved – form submissions, images loading correctly, plugins functioning properly to deliver a good experience for visitors. Your business depends on not losing traffic to a broken form or non-functioning plugin. 

3. Get new features
WordPress, theme creators and plugin developers alike are introducing new features all the time! Things that make it easier for you to serve clients, create amazing content and integrate with apps you use and love!